Oracle Ask TOM Office Hours Now Live!


Hundreds of thousands of companies around the world rely on Oracle Database to power their mission-critical applications. Millions of developers and administrators rely on the Oracle Database dev team to provide them with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed.

AskTOM Office Hours continues the pioneering tradition of Ask TOM. Launched in 2000 by Tom Kyte, the site now has a dedicated team who answer hundreds of questions each month. Together they’ve helped millions of developers understand and use Oracle Database.

AskTOM Office Hours takes this service to the next level, giving you live, direct access to a horde of experts within Oracle. All dedicated to helping you get the most out of your Oracle investment. To take advantage of this new program, visit the Office Hours home page and find an expert who can help. Sign up for the session and, at the appointed hour, join the webinar. There you can put your questions to the host or listen to the Q&A of others, picking up tips and learning about new features.

Have a question about upgrading your database? Sign up for Mike Dietrich and Roy Swonger’s session. Struggling to make sense of SQL analytic functions? AskTOM’s very own Connor McDonald and Chris Saxon will be online each month to help. JSON, Application Express, PL/SQL, In-Memory, Multitenant…if you’ve got a question, we’ve got an expert with an answer, and they’re just a URL away.

Our experts live all over the globe. So even if you inhabit Middleofnowhereland, you’re sure to find a time-slot that suits you.

You need to make the most of Oracle Database and its related technologies. It’s our job to make it easy for you.

So visit https://asktom.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=100:500 and sign up for your sessions.

AskTOM Office Hours: Dedicated to Customer Success

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