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Setting Up an Optimal Environment for PostgreSQL

Welcome to PostgreSQL, a powerful open source database system that can host anything from a few megabytes of customer data for a small-town-business, to hundreds of terabytes of ‘big data’ for multinational corporations. Regardless of the application, it’s likely that some setup and configuration help will be needed to get the database ready for action. …


Aurora Hash Join Optimization (with a Gentle Reminder on Lab Features)

  The Aurora hash join feature for relational databases has been around for a while now. But unlike MySQL Block Nested Loop algorithm, an Aurora hash join only caters to a specific number of use cases. When implemented with the optimizer properly, they can provide great benefits with certain workloads. Below we’ll see a brief …


Three Ways To Energize Your DBA Career In The Cloud

  Today we have a guest blog from Jeff Erickson, Director of Content Strategy at Oracle. It’s no secret that data is the new black gold—a source of wealth creation on par with financial capital, say some. So it’s a little ironic that a group of people who understand better than anyone how to manage …