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What is the State of My Transparent Data Encrypted Database?

When using Transparent Data Encryption, you might wonder “What is the state of my transparent data encrypted database?”  There are many different states that a transparent data encrypted database might go through.  Those states go from not being encrypted to being completely encrypted, and a few others related to managing the encryption keys. You probably …


How to Send a TDE Encrypted Backup to Someone Outside Your Organization

Once you enable your database to be encrypted with Transparent Data Encryption (TDE), the physical database files, and the database backups are encrypted.  If your database and database backup are encrypted, then how can you send the encrypted backup to a person outside your organization? The easiest way to share a TDE enabled database to …


Data Encryption Using Always Encrypted in SQL Server

Introduction Data security is always a matter of concern for organizations and application users. The key challenge for any developer or architect is to understand all the concerns and build a foolproof system to ensure data security.  This is not only more intense, but more complex these days, as many organizations are planning to move …