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How to Get Started with Open Source Database Management – Tips & Tricks from an Expert

You’ve been tasked with taking care of a database and you are not sure how to proceed. Yes you have worked with databases, but you have never managed them, and are not a DBA. What should you focus on? What are the most important tasks of a DBA? In this blog post, we’ll give you …


New Whitepaper: How to Automate and Manage MongoDB with ClusterControl

At the time of writing this blog, MongoDB is the world’s leading NoSQL database server, and (per DB-Engines ranking, the most widely-known ranking in the database industry) the 5th database server overall in terms of popularity. As you may have seen before, we’ve published a ‘Become a MongoDB DBA’ blog series, which covers all the …


How to Secure the ClusterControl Server

  In our previous blog post, we showed you how you can secure your open source databases with ClusterControl. But what about the ClusterControl server itself? How do we secure it? This will be the topic for today’s blog. We assume the host is solely for ClusterControl usage, with no other applications running on it. …