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Does GPU hardware help Database workloads?

Graphics processing units or GPUs are dedicated highly parallel hardware accelerators that were originally design to accelerate the creation of images. More recently, folks have been looking at GPUs to accelerate other workloads like Database analytics and transaction processing (OLTP). Although GPUs have little or no use for OLTP style workloads, they have been shown to …


How to Alert Your DevOps Team about Your MongoDB Database

Monitoring and alerting are key ingredients of the DevOps methodology put into practice. The systems that you run or the applications on them will generate a ton of telemetry data that you can use as actionable insight to inform your database monitoring and management strategy. Whether it’s the number of connections currently being made to …


Updated: Become a ClusterControl DBA: User Management

  In the previous posts of this blog series, we covered deployment of clustering/replication (MySQL / Galera, MySQL Replication, MongoDB & PostgreSQL), management & monitoring of your existing databases and clusters, performance monitoring and health, how to make your setup highly available through HAProxy and MaxScale, how to prepare yourself against disasters by scheduling backups, …