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Migrating your data from DynamoDB to MongoDB Atlas

There may be a number of reasons you are looking to migrate from DynamoDB to MongoDB Atlas. While DynamoDB may be a good choice for a set of specific use cases, many developers prefer solutions that reduce the need for client-side code or additional technologies as requirements become more sophisticated. They may also want to …


AWS Database Migration Service and Amazon DynamoDB: What You Need to Know

Many organizations consider migrating from commercial relational databases like Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle to Amazon DynamoDB—a fully managed, fast, highly scalable, and flexible NoSQL database service. Amazon DynamoDB can increase or decrease capacity based on traffic, in accordance with business needs. It is a fully managed cloud database that supports both document and key-value …


A serverless solution to schedule your Amazon DynamoDB On-Demand Backup

  { “AWSTemplateFormatVersion”: “2010-09-09”, “Description”: “Sample template to schedule DynamoDB table backup using Lambda- V0.21”, “Parameters”: { “BucketName”:{ “Type”: “String”, “Description”: “Enter bucket name” }, “FileName”:{ “Type”: “String”, “Description”: “Enter file name” }, “DDBTableName”:{ “Type”: “String”, “Description”: “Enter DynamoDB Table name to enable backup” }, “BackupRetention”: { “Type”: “Number”, “Description”: “Days keep the backup” } …