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MySQL 8.0 RESOURCE_GROUP Overview – Percona Database Performance Blog

  In this blog post, we’ll provide an overview of the new MySQL 8.0 RESOURCE_GROUP feature. One great new feature introduced in MySQL 8.0 that – from my point of view – requires attention is RESOURCE_GROUP. Short disclaimer: I want to point out that MySQL 8.0 is not GA yet, so it is possible for the …


MysQL 8.0 Places Where MySQL Configuration Variables Can be Initialized

As you may already know, there are many different places where a MySQL configuration variables can be initialized. In MySQL 8.0, we added in performance_schema a table allowing you to easily find where a variable was defined. Let’s check this in action with max_connections for example. I started mysqld and now I check the value …


MySQL 8.0, One Key Feature Is The New Data Dictionary

With MySQL 8.0, one key feature is the new Data Dictionary. The system tables that were previously in MyISAM are now replaced by new protected ones in the DD. My friend Giuseppe already explained how you could see those tables using sandbox  and he also warned you that you should not mess up with them …